Boudoir Photographer Seeking Model s - (Sacramento)

Posted on: 12/27/17


I'm looking for a few ladies that want some high quality pics for your dating ads, to give to your boyfriend, whatever... Maybe you've even dreamed of being a real model but need high quality pics for a portfolio. I'm seeking to establish myself as a professional photographer, and need to build a portfolio of my own. Here's what I'm offering; I take the pics, download them from my Nikon, clean up any tint issues with photoshop for you, etc... and provide you with copies. I get to keep a copy also to show potential clients my work. I don't have to hire models, you don't have to pay an established photographer hundreds. The pics can be as tame or risque as you're comfortable with. This is a professional arrangement and boundaries will be respected. I *am* primarily interested in boudoir style lingerie photography however, so keep that in mind if contacting me. YOU are responsible for your hair and makeup, as well as bringing any outfits and jewelry that you want to use during a shoot. In short, if you want a high fashion shoot, have a high fashion outfit or two. This is a limited opportunity situation, as once I have a portfolio of my own put together, I intend to start charging for my work and expertise. Ideally I'd like to get a natural Redhead, a Blonde, a Latina, a Black lady, and an East Indian lady. Everybody should be under size 14 too, as I have my best results with women in that size range. Also, be available during the day for the photo session. Lastly, if you contact me, put 'Building a Portfolio' in the email subject line so I know you're legit. Replies are first come first serve, and a pic so I can see what I'm working with gets higher consideration. Fully clothed pics with face blurred is fine if privacy is a concern.

Ad Number: 21193851